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Employee hacking computer

Property misbehaviour

Let’s now look at property misbehaviour, which imposes a huge cost to an organisation and involves the acquiring and damaging of tangible organisational property or assets.

Examples include vandalism, theft, espionage, theft of tools or money from the workplace and computer hacking. The impact of this form of misbehaviour is that it costs the organisation a lot of money and could damage the organisation’s reputation, brand image and even share prices.

You may like to have a look at the article The Dangers Within: Employee Disloyalty by Hodges (2016) which outlines some of the dangers of property misbehaviour and the impact it has on any organisation.

Your task

In today’s world, organisations may have neglected to consider the impact technology and social media have had on employees. This seems to have made it easier for employees to misbehave in a way that damages or is destructive to their respective organisations.

Now consider, in what ways do you feel the advances in technology and social media have expanded the way in which workers can damage their employer?

How do you think companies can protect themselves?

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