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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds Hello and Welcome to the first of our animations that will run throughout this module. We will be following a number of characters throughout this case study as they experience the pre-contract management process first hand. But for now meet our client, Arthur. Arthur is a semi retired billionaire, and by all accounts rather eccentric. He loves history, and made his fortune digging up ancient relics in distant and forgotten lands.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 seconds He has recently been under fire for hoarding a number of artefacts. He’s decided to combat this by undertaking a new project to build the world’s most iconic history museum. Arthur’s marvellous museum will be situated in Greater London and combine a classical style, with a modern twist. Arthur doesn’t have any construction knowledge.  So he decides to enlist a number of his construction friends to do the research for him. He’s advised that finding the right project manager is crucial, and that should be his first priority. Luckily, one of Arthur’s friends recommends Priya. A well established project manager that has experience in project managing  the construction of art galleries and museums in Pakistan.

Skip to 1 minute and 31 seconds Arthur decides to contact Priya, the project manager, and set up a meeting. What questions should the project manager ask in the first meeting with Arthur? Don’t forget to discuss your ideas, with other learners in the comments below.

Arthur's Marvellous Museum

Arthur loves history. Combined with his love of going on long and sometimes dangerous expeditions, it’s a match made in heaven.

Unfortunately, as we heard in the video, Arthur has a PR problem and this project aims to fix it.

His area of expertise is long-lost treasures, not construction.

Looking at the information in the video, and the list on the previous page, what construction professionals do you think should be on his team at this early stage?

At his friend’s suggestion, Arthur has set up a meeting with Priya, an experienced project manager.

During the meeting, what questions should Priya ask Arthur?

We’ll come back to Arthur and his museum later in this program to see how the project is progressing. But for now, try to answer our questions and don’t forget to discuss your ideas with other learners in the comments.

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