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Construction professionals

The starting point of any construction project is the client, if for no other reason than that the client supplies the finance needed to realise the project. It is up to the client to decide who will lead the project and be the key decision maker. This person needs to be quickly identified.

This person (the client’s representative) will then decide on two things:

  • Do they need professional help to organise the project (ie appoint a client’s construction project manager)?
  • Who from the organisation will also be involved in the project as it develops?

The client’s representative will also need to decide on what help is needed from construction professionals to design and construct the proposed project. This list can be quite long and could involve any or all of the individuals listed below.

Your task

Is there any limitation to the number of people involved in a project so they can be appropriately managed? Identify any omissions from the list below.

  • Access consultant
  • Acoustic consultant
  • Approved inspector (for building regulations approvals)
  • Archaeologist
  • Architect or designer
  • BIM team
  • Business management consultant
  • Chartered environmentalist
  • Client design adviser
  • Client’s representative
  • Civil engineer
  • Construction project manager
  • Consulting engineer
  • Contract administrator
  • Contracting organisation
  • Ecologist
  • Employer’s agent
  • Environmental consultant
  • Facilities manager
  • Fire engineering consultant
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment consultant
  • Health and safety consultant
  • Information and communications technology consultant
  • Interior designer
  • Landscape architect
  • Local consultants with specialist knowledge of local procedures
  • Lighting designer
  • Masterplanner
  • Party wall surveyor
  • Planning consultant
  • Programme consultant
  • Public health consultant
  • Quantity surveyor
  • Rights of light surveyor
  • Security consultant
  • Site inspector (clerk of works)
  • Specialists for mechanical, electrical and plumbing (services generally)
  • Specialist suppliers
  • Structural waterproofing consultant
  • Sub-contractors
  • Transport/traffic engineer consultant

Who do you think is the most important person on a project? Provide reasons for your answer.

On a ‘typical’ construction project, how much (in percentage terms, based on projected contract value) should the client budget for, in order to pay for the construction professionals needed to deliver the project?

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Pre-Contract Management for Construction Projects: The Basics

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