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What is a construction project?

Let’s start with a construction project.

Think about your daily life: you woke up, hopefully, in bed within a room which is part of a building. You may have gone outside onto a road, dropped children off at a school, bought a coffee from a shop, went to a bus or railway station to travel, entered an office. Later, you may have had a meal with friends in a restaurant, watched a film in a cinema and then gone back to bed.

What have all of those activities in common? At some point they were all construction projects in some way, shape and form. Indeed, they still could be considered projects as they are being operated, run and maintained.

We would like you to think about how those projects were realised, ie what happened from when someone had an idea, through to build, through to using the project?

Let’s start the ball rolling by watching this video of the 10 most expensive projects in the world.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

If you are unable to watch the video for any reason, a very similar list is also available at Concrete Construction.

Your task

Identify a construction project that you are familiar with. Describe in no more than a paragraph why you chose the project, and also give as much project detail as you can.

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