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Wind turbines behind a modern farm with solar panels Group of wind turbines behind a modern farm with solar panels on the roofs, group of cows in the foreground; northern Germany.
Possible futures and technologies are interlinked.

Tomorrow's world

What actions, innovations and technologies are leading us to the future?

If we believe that technology will solve our environmental problems, then we need to explore which technologies may provide a pathway to the future.

Views are as varied as the countries and circumstances in which we live.

We can think about extraordinary high-tech solutions like powering spacecraft using safe nuclear waste described in the Big Think article Scientists Turn Nuclear Waste into Diamond Batteries That’ll Last for Thousands of Years. Technological innovation may be as simple as Grilo, a new Australian product which turns crickets into edible protein.

Which future vision do each of these technologies provide evidence for?

Your task

Research on the web to find a news article about a new and innovative technology. As you read consider how might this technology contribute, either positively or negatively, to a sustainable future?

Create a document (Word, Googledoc, PowerPoint or Keynote). Write one or two paragraphs analysing the article and include a link to it. Post your document to the Padlet wall representing the future most likely to use or experience this technology. Select a topic to launch one of the four Padlet walls:

Browse the walls to read a selection of articles and analyses and reply to at least one.

If you are new to Padlet check out these instructions on how to post.

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