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Congratulations for finishing the course


Congratulations! You’ve finished our short course on strategic brand management. Well done for making it this far and turning your strategy into a plan.

Now take some time to reflect on what you’ve learned and share your thoughts with other learners on these questions:

  • What is the hardest part of creating a brand strategy?
  • Which part was most enjoyable?

Remember to only share things that are suitable for others to read in an open forum.

Don’t forget to contribute to the discussion by reviewing comments made by other learners and replying if you have any relevant ideas. Remember to ‘like’ comments you found useful or interesting or follow other learners throughout the Course. You can find out if anyone has replied to a comment you’ve made via your personal notifications.

Review your progress

Remember you can always review your progress by selecting the Progress tab at the top of each Step where you’ll see what percentage of the Course Steps you’ve marked as complete. Your scores for any tests you have taken in the Course are also reflected on your progress page.

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