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Skip to 0 minutes and 8 secondsSight, smell, taste, our senses shape our habits, our skills, and our experiences. From driving to cooking, our senses power what we do and what we create. Now AI is changing that - in the kitchen, in our free time, and in studios around the world. We can create recipes, play chess, and even paint portraits rich with human emotion. But where is AI taking us? How much can it inspire us? And how much can we control it? Welcome to Introduction to Creative AI. In this course, you'll get a basic understanding of the technologies behind artificial intelligence and the impact they're having on the creative arts and industries.

Skip to 1 minute and 6 secondsYou'll separate the fact from the fiction and gain new insights into machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. You'll explore the issue of creative ownership and hear from creative technologists, artists, media creators, and researchers who work with AI every day. You'll explore how people create new AI systems and learn how they've made a career in creative AI. Share with peers across the world as you explore how to forge your own careers in an industry that's at the cutting edge of both creativity and technology. Find out if AI lives up to its reputation. But first, share any examples of artificial intelligence that have inspired and amazed you. Join the conversation.

Welcome to Week 1

Welcome to Creative AI: An Introduction, designed and produced by UAL Creative Computing Institute.

This two-week course is about how specific types of machine learning are changing the creative industries, both in terms of how we consume creative work, and also how we make it.

Over the course of two weeks, you’ll have the chance to hear from creative technologists, artists, media creators and researchers about what it’s like to work with AI every day. You’ll also start to get an idea about how to take your first steps in their industries.

You’ll be introduced to core technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and look at the impact they are having on the creative arts and industries. You’ll get a better understanding of what AI in the creative industries actually is, what skills you need in order to work in the creative industries using AI, and how you can go about getting these skills in order to develop your career.

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