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Designing a scheme of learning template

The way your scheme of learning is written, used and quality assured depends very much on the ethos, ability and flexibility of the school, and the science department in particular. This is an opportunity for you to create an outline scheme of learning template of what will work for you in your school, and to share it with others for comment.

By ‘template’, we mean the format and section headings you think you will use. We are not expecting you to fill your template in with any information.

Sharing your template for feedback

We’d like you to post the first draft of your scheme of learning template onto this Padlet Wall. The template you share could be a document or even a scan or photo of a sketch of what could be included. It may be an adaptation of a template that you already use, or a brand-new one, as if you are starting from a blank page.

As part of this task, try and comment on at least two other people’s templates, giving constructive feedback. Possibly consider using the ‘two stars and a wish’ method to give feedback to another participant. For example, two things that stand out as being good, and a question about the template or suggestion that might improve it.

This will give you a wide range of people’s ideas to draw down on, which is likely to give you more ideas to tweak your own template. If you decide that you will alter your template in light of feedback or after viewing others, record this on your reflection grid at the end of this week, so you remember what changes you wanted to make.

How to use Padlet

Padlet is available for anyone to post to and access, so please feel free to share what you are comfortable with and do not include any personally identifiable information.

Padlet is an online pin-board which is an effective way to create and present many different types of ideas and resources. You can upload photos. If you wish to upload a Word document or PowerPoint file, save this as a PDF first. You do not need to register an account to post to Padlet, but please do add your name to anything you post. Guidance on how to use Padlet.

We look forward to seeing your templates.


  1. Devise a draft of your template.
  2. Post this to the Templates Padlet.
  3. Provide feedback on two other templates on the Templates Padlet, identifying elements you find useful and a question or suggestion to aid improvements.
  4. Use the ‘like’ feature on Padlet to indicate any templates that have provided you with inspiration and ideas to refine your own template.

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