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Teaching mathematical skills

As we discussed in step 3.6, some teachers may lack the confidence to effectively deliver mathematically focused learning objectives, or the strategies to teach students how to select and apply the appropriate areas of mathematics to each topic. This is where resources for explicitly teaching mathematical skills can help to develop teacher’s own pedagogical knowledge and confidence.

Identifying the topics where you can exemplify, practice and embed specific mathematical skills is a useful first step. For example, in the topic of cells you can examine size, scale, comparisons, (SI) units, standard and decimal form, powers of 10, and the magnification formula.

You could incorporate activities from our Maths Resource Packages into the scheme of learning, which aim to provide advice and guidance on the teaching of mathematical skills in science. The activities can be used to deepen students’ understanding of the mathematical concepts before applying them in a science lesson.


Choose ONE topic in your scheme of learning, and identify the mathematical skills that students could be asked to apply and practice.

Share your list and the topic in the comments.

Visit the Maths Resource Packages and find ONE resource which could be used to explicitly teach one of the mathematical skills you have identified.

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