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Bringing your scheme of learning together

Over the last three weeks you have looked at how curriculum design is informed by:

  • Decisions about how a scheme of learning can be structured and what should be in it, applicable to your teaching context.
  • Identifying the subject knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge required to teach the curriculum.
  • Drawing upon research into Science Capital to make curricula relevant to your students.
  • Planning for progression of both subject knowledge and practical skills within a scheme of learning.
  • Thinking about links across science subjects, drawing upon the Big Ideas of Science.
  • Developing a formative assessment approach to teach your scheme of learning responsive to your students’ needs.
  • Identifying where cross-curricular collaboration is required, for example in mathematics and literacy.

Revisit your scheme of learning template

Earlier in the course you listed the features of your scheme of learning (step 1.4) and produced a template which you shared on Padlet (step 1.6).

Review your template now. What would you change based on the ideas and feedback from others in this course, and discussions you have had with colleagues over the last few weeks.

Post your thoughts below.

We encourage you to upload a revised scheme of learning template to the Templates Padlet to support others with further examples of how a scheme of learning may work in different contexts.

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