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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds This course is about driving value from data, so as you expect, data is pretty much at the heart of the conversation. So how good is your data? What data do you have? What form is it and how easy is it to release that value? And the reason I focus on the word value, is having data is one thing but actually getting value from that data, is a completely other thing. How do you know what the value is to your organization and to your customer? So have data but what the business value or organizational value is.

Skip to 0 minutes and 30 seconds If you get there, that’s a good place to be, but again, just like a seed needs fertile soil to grow, your value proposition needs the right environment, and this environment, what I mean by that is the organizational environment. What does it mean for the culture? Is this a culture that accepts the findings from data, or a culture that will challenge the findings from data? Have you got the right leadership in place, have you got the rate governance in place and not governance with a small G. Governance to do with ethics and control, what you’re gonna do with it. So have the data realize what value you want to bring and look at the wider environment.

Skip to 1 minute and 11 seconds And we’ll cover this as we go through the different weeks. So week one, will be focusing on value. Week two will be your data maturity, how good is your data? Week three is what’s your wider maturity? What we want to do in week four is not fix all of these problems for the whole organization but just look for a slither that runs through the middle of this. So what I mean is, what is the single project, what is the first project that you’re going to do? So week four is gonna be about execution, how do you make this happen?

Skip to 1 minute and 35 seconds And to bring this alive, what we’re gonna do is a few case studies, so we’re gonna hear from NHS, we’re gonna hear from Aggreko a big manufacturing company, we’re gonna here from TV Squared an SME organization from Scotland. We’re gonna hear from Deloitte’s one of the big consultancies and as well as telling you about the case studies were gonna get tips and techniques, from these practitioners. So basically, all of this is gonna feed into you, realizing what is that first opportunity that you’re gonna do in your organization to realize the value.

Data maturity

As we progress through the course, we will introduce various elements of data maturity.

Image showing value, environment, organisation and ability to execute - all linked to data

This course is looking at data (from simply having raw data to the ability to truly innovate) with a focus on how that is used to drive value. Additional dimensions include:

• the wider organisational environment

• alignment with organisational ambition

• and finally, your ability to execute.

To make this more than just an interesting conversation, we have created a workbook for you to complete as we progress. The workbook has some simple templates for you to complete and a few examples to help you.

The workbook PDF is in the Download section below. You can also get a Powerpoint version of the workbook from our website. This website also has some additional supporting content which we will link you to at the appropriate stages of the course.

You will still get value from doing this course without completing the workbook but if you do, it will help make the material more relevant to your opportunities.

Screenshot from the workbook

The workbook links can be found below this step.

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