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Further level of maturity – innovating

I would like to introduce a further level of data analytics maturity based upon the Aggreko study, Innovating, using data to innovate within your industry.

Image showing the data maturity model (questions and data processes) with the Innovation level added to the end. What happened? Reporting. Why did it happen? Analysis What's going on now? Monitoring. What could happen? Predicting. How do I do it better? Optimising. Where next? InnovatingData Analytic Maturity Model: Innovation (Click to expand)

If we apply this to the Aggreko case study, you will see this is the natural next level of maturity.

Diagram showing questions with increasing value for Aggreko with the addition of  Innovating - I have changed the way customers see us, we are service, not product, providers.Aggreko Outcomes (Click to expand)

To achieve this you need more than just great data insights, you also need a culture of trusting and acting upon what the data tells you. Which is something Aggreko definitely has. We will touch on culture and other wider success factors next week.

Your data analytics mapping

Same as what you did after the NSS case study, take the Data Analytics Maturity Canvas in your workbook and capture some notes on your ability to deliver value at this new stage of maturity. Don’t worry if nothing immediately springs to mind, this is an advanced stage of maturity, maybe it’s something to incorporate into your Strategy Alignment Canvas as part of your longer term data strategy i.e. can you see your organisation using data to innovate your industry by changing your business model?

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