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First level of maturity – the data

We can now expand the maturity model by adding in a new first stage, simply called data. It is the stage that comes before reporting and highlights the need for trustworthy data; data that you are comfortable using to make decisions; data that has the potential to be monetised.

Image adding Data as the first level to the data maturity model. What data do I trust? - Data. Followed by the other layers. What happened? Reporting. Why did it happen? Analysis What's going on now? Monitoring. What could happen? Predicting. How do I do it better? Optimising. Where next? InnovatingData Analytics Maturity Model with first level: Data. (Click to expand)

This simplified maturity model is a useful tool for having discussions within your organisation, with your stakeholders and with your customers. The model is not exhaustive, but it does highlight that there is value at every stage and that with increasing complexity (and cost) comes increasing business value.

Monetisation opportunities are often at the innovating level but can only be realised if the data is Secure & Available, Complete & trustworthy and Timely with some level of Scarcity.

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