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Data and Value

Bringing it all together - thoughts and questions

This week we took a deep dive into data using the Data Analytics Maturity Canvas and case studies to bring the conversation to life.

Next week we will explore some of the other factors that impact your likelihood of success: ambition, ability to execute and the wider organisational environment.

To repeat what we said at the end of week one, if you want to drive value using data you need to focus on delivering relevant organisational outcomes. Hopefully these case studies helped to highlight this.

By now your Strategy Alignment Canvas, your Data Value Canvas and your Data Analytics Maturity Canvas should be getting pretty full with information that will help you when you come to apply this within your organisation.

Image of the workbook templates you can download for this week of the course Templates from this week (Click to expand)

Completing them might also have raised some questions that you would like to discuss in the comments section below.

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