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Image showing ability to execute through people: skills in place and rewarded, process: data processes embedded and technology sophistication of tools.

Ability to execute

There is no point having a great ambition if you cannot deliver on it, so execution is key.

In the previous interview with Andrew Berry from Deloitte we discussed different lenses through which to look at your data strategy. Under the banner of ability to execute, we will now discuss people, processes and technology.

There is no point having a wonderfully inspiring ambition if you cannot get there. Your customers, stakeholders and employees will quickly realise that it is not achievable, and they will stop believing you.

It is critical that your ambition is aligned to your ability to execute. So here are some more questions to consider:

Image showing the questions to ask about ability to execute outlined in this step. Ability to execute (Click to expand)

People questions

  • What skills do I need to succeed?
  • How will I attract, recruit and retain the skills I need?
  • Should I get these new skills by recruiting or working with a supplier?

Process questions

  • What are the new processes I need to put in place?
  • And how will they dovetail with what I am already doing?

Technology questions

  • What IT solution do I need?
  • Do I buy or build?
  • What is commodity and what is differentiating?
  • What is right for my level of maturity?
  • How do I avoid vendor lock-in?
  • How do I minimise throw-away costs?

In short, do you have what you need to deliver your ambition? But if the answer is no, don’t worry, the key question is, “what do you need for the next step?”. Andrew Berry spoke about “small bite-sized steps” as the best way to get started.

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