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Bringing it all together - thoughts and questions

This week we used the Data Maturity Matrix so that you could see the wider context for data success, then used the Data Maturity Canvas to start to flesh out what you will do in your organisation.

Hopefully you can agree that there is more to success than just having good data, important as the data is, you will not succeed unless you have lined up the organisation to embrace the changes you are introducing. You need to make sure you have aligned with your business ambition, you have the ability to execute your ambition and you have the right environment in place to make a difference.

How it all hangs together for week 3

Next week we will explore two of the big conversations in data at the moment (value and execution) to see if you need to refine your Data Maturity Canvas to make it more meaningful and achievable.

Driving value for data may be a big undertaking but, as a result of what you have captured in our workbook, hopefully it is no longer a daunting task.

Completing the Data Maturity Matrix usually raises a bunch of new questions, feel free to share some of your questions in the comments below so that we can have conversation about them.

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