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Solve actual problems, take realistic first steps get the skills, get started. Do something meaningful and achievable is a short timeframe
Do something meaningful

Bringing it all together

As we have seen this week, there are inexpensive and achievable ways to overcome obstacles to success. Hopefully this final set of insights from practitioners has been useful for you in identifying an opportunity to pursue in your organisation through completion of the workbook and in particular your Data Opportunity Canvas.

Image illustrating the three challenges and solutions to them:
 1. Lack of value - this is too risky, we have survived this long, why now and this all costs too much. Solution = Overcome the hype and cost challenges by focusing on the business value. 
2. Lack of leadership - no one has done this before, we don't know where to start, I'm worried about failing. Solution = overcome inertia by appointing an accouuntable person to set the direction and lead the team.
3. No foundation - I don't have the skills, I don't have the tools, our data isn't good enough. Solution = overcome that lack of assets andskill by taking small steps with partners.Solutions (Click to expand)

I’d like to leave you with a few parting thoughts.

  • Solve actual problems: Delivering value and writing your own successful case studies will increase the likelihood of ongoing funding and success.
  • Take realistic first steps: Don’t be over ambitious. Equally don’t deliver something that has limited impact. Take small meaningful but achievable steps that help you learn and release value quickly.
  • Get the skills and get started: Look at the wider opportunities to utilise internal skills and your partnership ecosystems to reduce cost of entry. And to learn which skills are core to your success.

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