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Defining employee engagement

The first concept we need to bear in mind when considering what drives people to do a good job is engagement.

Employee engagement, as defined by Kahn (1990: 694) is:

…the harnessing of organization members’ selves to their work roles: in engagement, people employ and express themselves physically, cognitively, emotionally and mentally during role performances.

According to May, Gilson, and Harter (2004), the three aspects of work engagement are cognitive, emotional and physical.

The cognitive aspect The beliefs an individual has about the organisation, such as its policies and procedures, working conditions and its vision.
The emotional aspect The individual’s attitudes held toward an organisation.
The physical aspect The energy an individual puts into their work.

Thus, employee engagement may influence how an individual, where they may put extra effort in, feels more motivated with their job (Steptoe-Warren 2013).



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Further reading

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