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How can job engagement be increased?

Having investigated the terms job satisfaction, engagement and motivation, we will now look at how they can be promoted in practice as well as some of the issues involved.

The four dimensions of creating employee engagement

Four dimensions for creating employee engagement have been suggested by Salkey in 2005 (Steptoe-Warren 2013).

These include:

Line of sight ‘I know what I do to contribute to business goals and outcomes’
Involvement ‘I know I can make decisions to influence business results’
Sharing information ‘I have the information I need to guide my decision’
Reward and recognition ‘I know I will be rewarded for my contribution’

These four dimensions focus on making the individual employee feel that they are contributing to the overall organisational objectives, are empowered to make an individual decision on how to perform their job based on sound business information and feel recognised for completing their work.

Behaviours associated with engaged employees

Robinson, Perryman, and Hayday (2004) suggest that being helpful to work colleagues, being willing to put in extra work and time for the organisation, a desire to work to make things better and keeping up to date in terms of one’s skills and knowledge are the key behaviours associated with employee engagement.


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