How can job satisfaction be increased?

Finally, let’s take a look at employee job satisfaction.

Promoting employee job satisfaction can be achieved by companies making sure that:

  • Their policies illustrate all employees are treated in an equal and fair way
  • They ensure safe working conditions and have appropriate equipment to perform tasks
  • They recognise individual achievement and ensure employee person-job fit
  • They allow employees a level of autonomy, where the individuals are responsible for their work and the method of completing it
  • They offer employee benefits including competitive salary, pension and work-life policies.

(Steptoe-Warren 2013: 179-180)

Your task

Can you think of any further ways to promote employee satisfaction? If so, post them in the comments area.


Steptoe-Warren, G. (2013) Occupational Psychology: An Applied Approach [online] Harlow: Pearson. available from [10th May 2019]

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