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The course educators - Professor Jim Fraser

Professor Jim Fraser is the director of the Centre for Forensic Science. He is Associate Director of the Scottish Institute for Policing Research, and a Past President of the Forensic Science Society.

Jim has extensive experience as an expert witness in criminal courts in the UK and has been involved in many high profile cases as an expert witness, reviewer or adviser. Jim also has significant experience in strategic and policy matters in relation to forensic science in the UK and internationally. He has advised a range of agencies on forensic, scientific and investigative matters, including the police organisations in the UK and abroad, the Home Office, the Scottish Parliament and the UK Parliament. Jim will provide you with an introduction to each week of the course.

You can follow Jim by going to his profile, this will make it easier for you to find replies he has given in response to questions made by your fellow learners.

During the six weeks of this course Professor Fraser and Dr Tilstone will be supported by their colleague Aidan Johnston. Aidan is a Learning Technology Adviser at the University of Strathclyde.

It is recommended that you view his profile and “follow” him so that his contributions are highlighted for you.

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