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Skip to 0 minutes and 14 seconds Within this short course we have learned the purpose of human resource management and how it fits within businesses, both international and domestic. Additionally, through discussing the differences of HRM within different cultures, we have developed an appreciation of how adaptable HR can be. We put the theory to practice through exploring the case study of TADA International, who assessed the strategic approaches in the setting of a multinational corporation, its critical engagement encouraged us to examine the effectiveness of international HR and to appreciate the subjectivity of the concept. This introductory course into international business and people relations is just the start of what Coventry University’s online BA in international business has to offer.

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Course review

Congratulations on finishing the second week of this course.

This week, we discussed how IHRM practices may be different in scope and complexity when compared to HRM practice. You’ve also explored the importance of HRM as a strategic tool for a company’s competitive advantage.

There are unique challenges that IHR managers face, and through examining TADA International, you have examined what an IHRM manager can achieve, as well as the importance of their role to a growing company.

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Introduction to International Human Resources Management

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