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Qualifications to become an IHR manager

The most competent IHR manager will have the necessary professional qualifications and the experience of having met the unique challenges of managing an internal global workforce earlier.

An ideal IHR manager will have professional experience in performing core IHRM processes and practices, such as:

  • International recruitment
  • International pay and reward
  • International training and development
  • International performance management

While much of this comes from experience within the business environment, it’s important to have sufficient grounding via attaining a suitable bachelor’s degree in the HR field or similar.

With such a degree, it will be possible to enter the workforce in a junior HR role, such as an assistant. In order to improve your chances or join the ranks of a more prestigious company, it may also be advisable to carry out internship work to gain preliminary ‘real-world’ experience.

Once in the workplace, it is possible to train for various voluntary certifications around the world. In the UK, this is generally done through the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), which offers various qualifications and routes to becoming a certified member.

Through continuous progression, learning both on the job and through vocational training, it is possible to become confident in the multiple aspects of the HR sector. In order to progress to higher levels of management, this will have to be combined with the development of good leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.

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