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Defining quality from different points of view

In the previous step, we identified quality as one of the four elements of customer value, which we’ll now explore further.

Quality can be defined from different points of view, including: transcendent, product-based, user-based, manufacturing-based and value-based.

Let’s look at each viewpoint in more detail, below:

  • Transcendent definition: quality is something that is understood clearly, but it’s not tangible and can’t be communicated, such as love or beauty.

  • Product-based definition: quality refers to the attributes/characteristics or features that a product has.

  • User-based definition: a product has quality if it satisfies the user requirements.

  • Manufacturing-based definition: quality is evident in how the product is conformed to design specifications and manufacturing standards.

  • Value-based definition: if a product is perceived to be offering good value for the price, it possesses good quality.

Your task

Using the same product from the previous two tasks, discuss different views of quality relating to that product.

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