Skip to 0 minutes and 10 secondsHello and welcome to week two of 'Introduction to Journalism'. This week we're going to look at one of the key practises of the news reporter, which is how to write the story. After this week's class, you should know how to structure and compose a new story. Remember those five Ws from last week? We'll be looking how to apply them in particular situations, and how to seek out and structure the 5Ws of the news story. And we'll be looking at some tips on what you should do, and what you should avoid, in writing the most clear and the most readable copy. You'll to get advice from practising journalists from Scotland and elsewhere on how to write new stories.

Skip to 0 minutes and 50 secondsAnd you'll also get to try your hand at writing stories using a series of realistic exercises. So we hope you enjoy the week.

Welcome to week two

Hello and welcome to week two of ‘Introduction to Journalism’.

This week, you will have the chance to view our latest news video on The Blackout. This highlights how a journalist reacts and tracks down information to work on a ‘hard’ news story which is both ‘breaking’ and wide-ranging. We will expand on what you have learned last week by exploring how to begin writing a story and introduce a tried and tested structure model called the ‘Inverted Pyramid’.

Then you will get your chance to put yourselves in the role of a journalist in a number of exercises. You will be asked to write a short news story from information provided as well as trying to hone your editing skills to cut a story down in size by half. Both of these will be peer-reviewed activities, meaning that you have the chance for others to comment on what you produce. Please ensure that you put aside enough time for these.

I hope you enjoy your week.

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