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What will we learn?

In week three - ‘Feature Writing’ - you’ll be introduced to the following areas:

Defining What a Feature Is: We will do this by examining where features ‘fit’ into the publications - whether press, broadcast or online. Also we’ll examine the content of features to see what separates them from other articles.

Looking at Features: This is where we will look closely at content and style to understand what makes Features special and what skills are required to produce them.

Structure of Features: Feature articles are longer and more complex than news articles. So how we structure the information is important. This section of the course looks at this issue.

Research for Features: Because features tend to be longer and more in-depth, the amount of research required is also often more substantial. This part of the course looks at the kind of research that’s required and skills needed to source and use it.

Potential Ideas for Features: Finding the right ideas, that engage, entertain and even educate readers, is vital. This section looks at the possible sources for ideas which could work well as features.

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