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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds OK. Right. OK. I’m on my way. Thank you very much.

Skip to 0 minutes and 18 seconds Well, I’m on my way to an interview with a source that is going to be quite tricky. I’ve got to be careful about giving away how much I know. I’ve also got to be quite delicate about trying to tease answers and the information out of the source as well. I’ve got to have the right equipment with me. I’ll be using a phone in this case to do some recording. I won’t be taking any pictures and, if I take notes, I’ll be using a pen and I’ll be asking the subject whether they’re okay with me taking notes as well. We’ll just need to play along and see how it goes and take it as it comes.

The Blackout: day six - 'questions need asked'

Please watch our penultimate video on ‘The Blackout’ above.

In what ways might investigative journalism relate to ‘The Blackout’? Who do you think Dr O’Neill might be going to interview? What sources might yield the most valuable information?

Please post your thoughts in the comments area.

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