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Introduction: this week

Hello everyone,

Today is the first lesson of our ‘Introduction to Korean 2’ course; during this week we will be studying the expressions used to introduce ourselves.

We’re going to learn how to say our name, nationality and the place where we live.

  • 저는 제니예요. (My name is Jenny.)

  • 저는 영국 사람이에요. (I’m from the UK.)

  • 런던에 살아요. (I live in London.)

Also we’re going to learn how to ask these questions to someone we meet for the first time.

  • 이름이 뭐예요? (What’s your name?)

  • 어느 나라 사람이에요? (Where are you from?)

  • 어디에 살아요? (Where do you live?)

If you think you do not understand or are difficult, do not worry!. We are going to learn these expressions step by step.


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