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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second Hello everyone, I am Jordan. Did you enjoy the video? Today, we’re going to continue what we studied last time by practicing more conversations that you might encounter in a clothes shop. What kind of situation do you think this was? Do you know what the conversation was about? In the first conversation the customer liked the clothes she tried on, but in the second dialogue, she did not like them. Why do you think she didn’t like them? Yes, that’s right. The pants were too small. Sometimes when we shop, the clothes that we pick out may not be to our liking. Today we’re going to learn a few expressions you can use in a clothes shop.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 seconds Now then, let’s learn together step by step.

Today's expression

Today we are going to learn what to say in this situation. So, let’s learn together step by step.

Watch the video to see how to say the phrases you watched in the previous step. In the next step, you’ll get to practice these phrases.

Today's Dialogue

* 점원: 어떠세요? (How is it?)

* 손님: 좋아요. 이걸로 주세요. (I like it. I’ll take this one.)

* 점원: 어떠세요? (How is it?)

* 손님: 바지가 조금(좀) 작아요. (The pants are too small. )

Now then, let´s learn together step by step.

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