Now we are going to learn some adjectives useful for this week’s topic.

All of these verbs in English have the meaning of ‘to wear/to try on’, but in Korean each one of them is used with different types of clothes.
Try to practice with these words and expressions!

The t-shirt is big,  The t-shirt is small

  • 크다 -> 티셔츠가 커요 : The t-shirt is big

  • 작다 -> 티셔츠가 작아요 : The t-shirt is small

The pants are long, The pants are short

  • 길다 -> 바지가 길어요 : The pants are long

  • 짧다 -> 바지가 짧아요 : The pants are short

The sneakers are expensive, The sneakers are cheap

  • 비싸다 -> 운동화가 비싸요 : The sneakers are expensive

  • 싸다 -> 운동화가 싸요 : The sneakers are cheap

Try to practice with these words and expressions!

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