Welcome to the course

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Introduction to Korean course!

My name is Young-sook Lee, and I am the lead educator for this Introduction to Korean course. I will guide you through the course along with Professor Jung-ho Ahn who appears in the videos for each week. Also our team of mentors will facilitate the conversation in each step.

Let me introduce our team.

Meet the team

Young-sook Lee (Lead educator)

Jung-ho Ahn (Educator)

Maria Laura (Mentor)

Kelly (Mentor)

You can follow each team member by selecting the links to their name. This will help you to find their comments more easily.

What do we learn in this course?

This course is designed for Introductory learners who have never studied Korean before. Through these series of short lessons, our goal is that you will learn some useful expressions in Korean and practice using them through a few activities. We will also explore Korean culture and discuss similarities and differences across different cultures.

To Join this course ‘Introduction to Korean’, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with Hangul first. You’d better learn Hangul in advance, Please click on 1.2 Learning Hangeul (Before you start) to check it out.

This course has a total of six weeks.

  • In Week 1, we will learn about basic greeting and self-introduction in Korean.

  • In Week 2, we will learn some nouns relating to hobbies and express our preference for these activities.

  • In Week 3, we will learn the names of popular Korean dishes.

  • In Week 4, we will learn and practice ordering food at a Korean restaurant.

  • In Week 5, we will explore popular tourist places in Korea.

  • In Week 6, we will learn how to choose a meet-up time and location in Korean.

Introduce yourself!

We understand that learning Korean for the first time might be an unfamiliar and difficult experience, but try to free yourself from the pressure and have fun. After each lesson, we encourage you to review the materials you learn and use it in real-life.

Now we also want to hear from you. Join the conversation by sharing your response to the following questions.

To each one of you who are starting Introductory Korean, where are you at? What kinds of expectations do you have for this course? Please introduce yourself in the comments section.

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