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Korean dinning - Using chopstick

How is other country and Korean dining different?

Koreans usually use spoons and chopsticks for dining. They would use spoons to eat rice and soups and chopsticks to eat side dishes.

Interestingly, it is often considered impolite to hold your spoon and chopsticks together in the same hand or grab with both hands.

Instead, it is preferred that they hold one silverware at a time. Another table manner is not lifting their rice bowl while eating.

Also, it is taught that they should not start eating before elders, and even after they are finished with their meal, they need to remain seated until the elder finishes.

The following is a summary of Korean dining etiquette.

Korean dining etiquette

Let’s discuss whether there are similar table manners in your home country as well as table manners that are unique to Korean culture.

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