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Sauna/Spa room
찜질방[Jjimjilbang](Sauna/Spa room)

Many different Korean "Room"s

In Korea, you will find a lot of places on the street with the word “rooms”.

노래방 [Noraebang] (Singing room; karaoke), 보드게임방 [Bodeugeimbang] (Board game room), 찜질방 [Jjimjilbang] (Sauna/Spa room) are such examples of places where many people get together and spend time together.

Many Koreans enjoy spending pastime with their friends at a 노래방 [Noraebang] (Singing room; karaoke) and sing together, and they also like to go to board game place and play various types of games. They also enjoy going to 찜질방 [Jjimjilbang] (Sauna/Spa room) and relax at a spa.

Would you like to visit 찜질방 [Jjimjilbang] (Sauna/Spa room)? If yes, what would you like to do there?

The following article is an article about 찜질방 [Jjimjilbang] (Sauna/Spa room).

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