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Traditional Korean Food – Kimchi

김치(Kimchi) is a traditional Korean dish that gets put on Korean household’s dining table almost every day, and now it has gained worldwide popularity from foreigners.

However, it is common for foreigners to think that there is only one flavor to Kimchi, and this is because a lot of the main ingredients include cabbages, radish, garlic, red pepper, etc. Nonetheless, there are differences in flavors and ingredients of Kimchi based on region/provinces. For example, Kimchi made in northern province tastes light yet delicate because they do not put much red pepper and pickled seafood whereas southern province with a warmer temperature put more of them to prevent Kimchi from perishing.

Likewise, Kimchi with various flavors will continue to be loved by Koreans interested in healthy diet as a research study also highlighted healthy ingredients in Kimchi.

Have you ever tried 김치(Kimchi) before? What kind of ingredients was it made of? How did it taste? Let’s share some of our experiences with 김치(Kimchi).

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