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Red Devils (Bul-geun-ak-ma)
붉은악마 [Bulgeunakma] (Red Devils)

Korean popular sports and unique cheering culture

Many Korean college students enjoy watching movies or playing sports such as soccer or basketball for their pastime activities outside of school.

Especially those who enjoy sports would often play games or go to sporting events to cheer for their favorite teams.

When there are big games like the World Cup, people gather at the downtown square and cheer together with their family members and/or friends.

“붉은악마 [Bulgeunakma] (Red Devils)”, the official cheering group for South Korea’s national soccer team, was widely known to other countries around the world for their avid cheering and their unity during the World Cup season.

What kind of sports are popular in your country? Does your team also have a unique cheering tradition? Please share.

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