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Where should we invest?

Now you’ve explored some of the applications of microbiology research, we would like you to reflect on what you’ve learned and share your ideas!

In 2018, the UK Government committed £30 million to tackle antimicrobial resistance. But if you were in charge of public spending for a day, how would you prioritise the investment of resources for microbial application, for the benefit of wider society?

The below ‘Vote’ link will take you to an optional activity in mentimeter.com. Here, you’ll find a list of possible applications of microbiology where, from your own perspective, you can rank the five options from highest to lowest in importance of investment.

Once you’ve ranked the options, take a look at the results to see how other learners have prioritised the applications, using the ‘Results’ link, below.

If you’re not able to vote, or have chosen not to, you’ll be able to view an image of the results on 26 October 2020 as of that date.

Vote Results
Please note: JavaScript is required to launch the ranking application Mentimeter.

How do your results compare, and what do you think about the highest and lowest scoring results?

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