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Learning Outcomes

At the end of Week 6 you should be able to :-

  1. Know of the voicings, the basic rooted chords and “Ray’s” chords (where appropriate) for the major seventh, minor seventh, seventh, suspended seventh, major/minor seventh, seventh with a flattened ninth, half diminished with a natural seventh, half diminished with a flattened seventh, diminished, seventh with a sharpened fifth and altered chords and begin to learn them in important keys

  2. Know that voicings may have more than one interpretation

  3. Be aware that thinner voicings exist and know the guide tones of a seventh

  4. Play a blues using guide tones in the left hand

  5. Understand the concept of bitonality with major sevenths, sevenths and minor sevenths

  6. Be able to use the sharpened elevenths with major sevenths and sevenths and the eleventh with minor sevenths

  7. Know of the existence of reharmonised chord sequences for standards

  8. Play “Stella by Starlight” with a playalong using the altered chord sequence given

  9. Know about the existence of triads over related and unrelated roots

  10. Know about chordal shifting and be able to use parallel chordal shifting of fourths in a modal chord sequence

  11. Play “On Green Dolphin Street” with a (four to the bar) playalong

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