Skip to 0 minutes and 8 secondsOne last thing in this session - a challenge for some of you, possibly, and that’s to play another tune on exactly the same sequence as “So What”, a tune by John Coltrane called “Impressions” and we are going to play it medium-up. In fact, if you have a look at the Aebersold playalong,

Skip to 0 minutes and 29 secondsvolume 28, there’s two versions of “Impressions”: there’s “Impressions (slow)” and Impressions (fast)”. We’re looking at the one called “Impressions (slow)” and that will already be fast enough for us. First of all I’ll just play the tune for you in double octaves.

Playing "Impressions" in double octaves

We introduce John Coltrane’s modal tune “Impressions” and illustrate how to play the tune in double octaves with a playalong.

You can download the “Impressions” chart in PDF format at the bottom of this step. Click here for a playalong for “Impressions”.

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