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Please consider sharing your recordings and I particularly recommend Soundcloud for doing this.

Week 5 Exercises

  1. Echo the hot licks played in section 5.7 on C major 7

  2. Consider using Audacity or Transcribe to change the key and try the hot licks exercise in other common keys such as F, B flat, E flat and G, say.

  3. Play and improvise on “All The Things You Are” with a playalong, making use of the 5 scales discussed for improvisation and using the voicings given in the Session
    (i) playing the tune an octave higher
    (ii) playing the tune in the middle of the piano

  4. Work out the other set of voicings and then use them to do the same as 3 above

  5. Consider using the Enhanced set of scales for “All The Things You Are” discussed in the Session

  6. Improvise on “All The Things You Are” with a playalong concentrating on motivic improvisation and constructing musical phrases

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