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Learning outcomes

At the end of Week 4 you should be able to:

  1. Use chords to improvise on a blues
  2. Play the 3 diminished scales (C, C# and D)
  3. Play the 3 diminished voiced chords and their inversions
  4. Improvise simply on a diminished chord in the 6th bar of an enhanced skeletal blues sequence
  5. Understand how the tune “Blue Monk” is built out of 3 motivic elements
  6. Play “Blue Monk” with a playalong
  7. Improvise on “Blue Monk” using separately the 3 motivic elements
  8. Know that in this course we will consider 4 routes to improvisation: scalic, chordal, motivic and special devices

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Learn Jazz Piano: I. Begin with the Blues

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