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Activity: Practise birthing positions

Earlier this week, you watched a video on birthing positions. Now we want you to practise some of these positions with your birth partner’s help.

Start thinking about what else you might like to use while in these positions or how you can make these positions more comfortable for you.

  • If you are squatting, could your partner sit behind you to support you?
  • Staying in the squatting position for any length of time can be hard, so think about practising it at home.
  • Will there be a railing attached to the wall that you can lean on for balance?
  • If you are birthing in a hospital, find out what’s available to help you move around, stay comfortable and change positions.

Think about what to bring to your birth setting to help with birthing positions.

  • Pillows or cushions
  • Birthing ball
  • Peanut ball
  • Birthing stool (or something else that is comfortable for you to squat onto as a support)
  • Yoga mat

Ask your birthing partner to help you practise with standing, different leaning forward positions, lying on your left side using a peanut ball and all fours positions with your knees and feet apart.

  • Is there anything you may wish to bring with you, other than what is mentioned above, to help you with birthing positions, changing positions and staying comfortable?

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