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John Delury at Kim Il-Sung University Library
John Delury at Kim Il-Sung University Library

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Not surprisingly, the closer we get to the present, the more online resources there are to explore if you want to go further into topics covered this week. Many of you will know or stumble upon Korean War related materials online, and I encourage you to share them with the rest of us! The examples I list here reflect a strong US bias, so I look forward to your links to sites from other parts of the world.

Here are just a few places to get started:

One of my favorite history sites bar none is relevant to this week, the Wilson Center’s Digital Archive/ International History Declassified site. You can dive in by checking out the Modern Korean History Portal.

The US Department of State makes official documents available through the Office of the Historian website—for example, here you can jump into primary sources on the armistice negotiations. The National Archives also has a page of links to Korean War documents and materials. A nice collection of public domain photographs of the war can be found on Korean War Historical Images Flickr page.

There are numerous website created by or for US Korean War veterans, such as The Korean War Project, and for the “official” US memory of the war you can explore the Korean War Memorial. To learn more about General Douglas MacArthur, including his role in Korea and showdown with Truman, you might explore the website for the PBS documentary MacArthur. The Truman Library and Eisenhower Library both contain links to Korean War-related presidential correspondence.

Our many UK-based learners might appreciate the British angles on the Korean War, including audio links to talks with UK veterans, provided by the BBC Korean War In-Depth.

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