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National Hangeul Museum

Elegant and Traditional Hangeul Merchandise at the Hangeul Museum

Do you want to learn more about Hangeul and the Korean language? The National Hangeul Museum, opened in 2014, has variety of exhibitions and experiences about the history and principles of Hangeul. You can learn a lot by viewing the exhibits including a handwritten letter by young Prince Jeongjo, a handwritten copy of the bestselling novel at the time, “The Story of Chunhyang,” and other artifacts from the past. There is also a Children’s Museum and Learning Center for children and non-Koreans to learn about Hangeul’s principles and try writing Hangeul for themselves.

There’s more! Next to the Permanent Exhibition on the second floor, there are cultural products (merchandise) designed with Hangeul patterns. You can see a canvas bag printed with modern-day interpretations of the circle and square “Sky-Earth-Land” motifs. Additionally, the logo and stadiums of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics incorporated Hangeul-inspired snowflakes in their design, showcasing the beauty of Hangeul. The gifts in the Hangeul Museum not only highlight the design strengths of Hangeul in beautiful and practical items, but also are unique cultural products that best represent Korea’s culture and heritage.

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