The Royal Visit to Lancaster, 1912: His Majesty King George V.
The Royal Visit to Lancaster, 1912: His Majesty King George V.

The Castle and the Royal Family

In the twentieth century, Lancaster no longer had the same military, economic, political or legal significance in the region or country as in previous centuries.

However, the monarch’s status as the Duke of Lancaster, and the Castle as a possession of the Duchy of Lancaster, has brought the monarch to the town/city in a visit which might not otherwise have taken place.

Lancaster acquired city status on 11 May, 1937, when King George VI granted the title to coincide with his Coronation on 12 May, the only City to receive that honour. This honour was deemed fitting, given that the King carried the title of Duke of Lancaster.

Look closely at this image, and then share your reflections online:

  • What things can you see that show how the town responded to the Royal Visit?
  • Has a public figure ever visited your locality?
  • Did you go to see him/her or them?
  • Why/Why not?
  • Which location/s did they visit and why?
  • How did the local population respond?
  • What can historians deduce from such images?

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