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Learners completing this week's study group task.

This week’s study group task

Learn more about your study group task for Week 3.

This week is all about torts law, a private law system that we’re all exposed to. In your study groups this week, you’re going to research what different jurisdictions have done to restrict the right to sue in negligence for personal injury. In a response to a perceived ‘insurance crisis’ governments around the world have gradually introduced statutory restrictions to limit the common law right to sue in Negligence. These are often in the form of caps or thresholds of damage to prevent small claims flooding the courts and insurers.

What you need to do

  1. As a group, decide who will be your reporter for this week’s task. Their job is to share with other learners what you’ve produced as a group. Consider having more than one reporter in your study group, if there happens to be a need later in the week.

  2. By yourself, work through the course completing Law in your backyard. Afterwards, continue to research in your jurisdiction to discover if there are any statutory limitations on suing for personal injury. Summarise your findings, being sure to record links to statutory provisions and other sources of law, and then share them with the other members of your group.

  3. As a group, discuss and reflect on how different jurisdictions have approached attempting to limit this Common law tort. Compile a list (in an agreed comparable format) of the jurisdictions’ approaches including links to source law.

  4. If you’re the reporter, share the list with other learners in the Comments section of the Weekly feedback for Week 3 step by Thursday 16 February.

We'd love for the work you produce as a study group to meet the 1200 character limit of the comments, but if you find that you're working on a longer piece of writing with your study group or just need a place to workshop your ideas, consider using temporary text hosting tools like Pastie or NoteHub. Find out more about using Temporary text hosting.

At the end of this week, learners who have joined a study group will share the work they’ve produced for this week’s study group task. Once they have, be sure to provide your own constructive feedback and commentary.

If you missed this week’s group task, or are catching up with the course - you’re not alone - be sure to provide your own constructive feedback and commentary.

Need help finding law resources?

If you’re not sure how to find law resources, watch Caroline Knaggs’ How to start finding the law and How to access online law resources to learn how to access and search for legal information online.

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