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Law in your backyard

The “Careless Colin” case study explored arranged a camping trip where his friends are injured and goods are damaged. It’s now time for you to discover how the tort of negligence applies in your jurisdiction.

What you need to do

  1. Go online and find the law of negligence in your jurisdiction. If you live in Australia, consider finding out about the law from another State or common law jurisdiction.

  2. In the Comments, share with other learners your findings.

When considering if Colin breached his duty of care in your jurisdiction, what standard of care must Colin have shown in order to avoid liability for the tort of negligence?

In your jurisdiction, would Colin have a defence that his friends consented to the risk of harm which occurred?

Need help finding law resources?

If you’re not sure how to find law resources, watch Caroline’s How to start finding the law and How to access online law resources to learn how to access and search for legal information online.

Join a study group

This week’s study group task is based on this step. If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge beyond your own jurisdiction, consider joining a study group and then taking part in the task. Learn more about this week’s task.

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