How the course works

This course is addressed to learners without any prior knowledge of Italian. It aims to reach at least a lower beginner level (the A1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference).

After the course, you should be able to understand and use familiar everyday expressions to introduce yourself, talk about the place you come from, describe the place where you live, state your occupation, order something in a restaurant, etc.

  1. The course is organized around 18 videoclips which are short stories with three main characters (Mike, Anna and Lisa). There are 3 clips for each week (18 clips in total). The dialogues contained in the clips are the starting points of our learning path.

    Every week you will watch 3 clips and do all the related activities.

    Before watching a clip you will find a short video Introduction in English that gives you the main information about the story you are going to watch.

    After you have watched the clip you will find a Comprehension quiz to help you to better understand the dialogues.

    You can choose to watch the clips with or without subtitles (in Italian or English). We suggest that you try watching without them (at least without the English subtitles) and then to try to do the Comprehension quiz. After the quiz, you can go back to read the subtitles for more detailed comprehension.

  2. After the comprehension quiz you will find 3 different paths, each one aiming to look at a different aspect of the video clip. We have called these three points:

    • Focus on communication
    • Focus on vocabulary
    • Focus on grammar

    Each of these features a video explanation (in English) with one of our educators, quizzes and other activities.

  3. In each week you will also find three articles to read and download (Exploring Italian). They talk about some other linguistic aspects related to the dialogue you watched. This is an expansion of the content in the three language focuses.

  4. In addition, once a week, there is also an activity called Discussion Point in which you are requested to write a short text in Italian (a description about yourself, the place where you live etc). Remember, before starting your work on the Discussion Point you should have finished all the points and videos of the week.

  5. Finally, at the end of the week there is a short video Summary about what you did during the week.

    We hope you will enjoy the course, have fun and learn something about our language and culture and don’t forget to follow us also on Twitter #FLLearnItalian.

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