What you explored this week

This week has been all about you discovering some of the issues to keep in mind when learning in a networked way, exploring a range of resources and developing your Personal Learning Network.

Firstly, we investigated some of the literacies we need for growing our networks in an effective way and for assessing the reliability of the media (Step 2.2), information (Step 2.3) and data (Step 2.4)(https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/learning-network-age/3/steps/111581) sources we decide to connect to and interact with.

Next, we explored how we can contribute to our networks and create network value by actively making decisions about our network identity (Step 2.6) and by creating and sharing (Step 2.7) our ideas in a range of visual and academic ways.

Finally, we discovered how we can use our network for communicating and collaborating (Step 2.8) effectively. We also discussed a case (Step 2.9) demonstrating some of the potential pitfalls of using our networks without fully considering the issues we have explored this week.

You should now be equipped to make maximum use of your Personal Learning Network as you progress in your studies and for continuous lifelong learning.

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