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Summary and reflection

Week 1

Summary and reflection

In Our students, our learners there were comments on the increasing diversity among student populations in your institutions and the support mechanisms (or lack of) in place for these diverse cohorts. How much are we taking this diversity into consideration when we are developing our courses? This is a question to take with you into the next course Introduction to Educational Design in Higher Education.

In Beliefs about learning acknowledging it was difficult to remove any of the beliefs, many of you chose ‘Engaging’ as the one option you would consider removing due to the inter-relatedness with ‘Active’. In Your experiences of learning many of you talked about negative experiences related to teaching approaches e.g. passive transmission of content, no interaction, repetition, assumed knowledge. Much of this points to a teacher/content focused approach to teaching. Your positive experiences all relate to a more student/learning centred approach where your engagement was valued and encouraged.

What’s Next?

In Week 2 of the course, Models, methods and tools for educational design, we will explore blended and flipped classroom models and hear from UNSW academics of their own experiences. We also consider the key to designing good assessment, and how it aligns to program and course learning outcomes.

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