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Welcome to the course

Welcome to Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. This is the first of three courses that form the Foundations of University Learning and Teaching (FULT) program for academics and professionals who work in higher education.

We recommend you complete this course first, followed by Introduction to Educational Design in Higher Education then Introduction to Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.

In this course you will build on your understanding of how your students approach learning using multiple perspectives (self, colleagues, literature and your students). You will also consider factors that affect student learning and how good teaching encourages effective learning. Throughout each course you will be sharing your experiences as learners and teachers with a global cohort of learners.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • describe and explain your own experiences of being a learner, educational designer or teacher with reference to current theories of learning
  • discuss the relevance of established theories about learning and teaching to your own thinking about learning and teaching
  • identify issues that impact on student learning
  • demonstrate your understanding of student learning by applying established theories to your context

Course outline

Week 1 : Introduction to student approaches to learning and how we can learn through critical reflection

Week 2 : Exploring what quality teaching is and looking at strategies for teaching in face to face contexts

Week 3 : Focusing on teaching and assessing in different environments

Meet the team

You can access the FutureLearn profiles of the staff supporting your learning from the links below. You can also ‘Follow’ individual team members from their profile pages.

Associate Professor Marina Harvey Lead educator
Kristin Turnbull Educator

Assessment requirements

The assessment requirement for the FULT program is a reflective ePortfolio. You will be required to develop this during the program and submit for marking after you complete all three program courses.

Need some help?

If this is your first time taking a FutureLearn course, you can visit Using FutureLearn for support. If you have further questions about how the site works click on the grey ‘support’ button in the bottom right corner of each page to ask for help. Six tips and tools for social learning on FutureLearn has some good suggestions on supporting your learning.

If you can’t find the answers to your questions anywhere else we have a discussion called If you get stuck in Step 1.14 where you can post your questions.

We gave put together a Glossary of terms in Step 1.15 to help you with unfamiliar terms that you might come across in the course.

Ready to start?

Well done, you’ve reached the end of the first step in this course. Now select the pink Mark as complete button below, then select Next to move on.

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